Hobby Vany

General Terms and Conditions

Renter: AIRIAS, s.r.o., Mierová 611, 966 01 Hliník nad Hronom

Company registration number: 46 404 929; VAT registration number ID: SK 2023363749

Bank account: SK66 7500 0000 0040 2744 3029; ČSOB

Phone: 00421 911 234 173, e-mail: nd.michal7@gmail.com


1.) The general business and contractual conditions for renting a vehicle (referred to as the GTC) with the price list or the agreement on the price for renting a campervan form an inseparable part of the contract for renting a campervan.


2.) The rental period of the vehicle is at least 3 days, from 1st of June. to 30th of September at least 7 days. The lessee of the vehicle on the day of taking over the vehicle, as well as other driver (s) of the vehicle must have a driving license for group B, valid for at least two years, driving experience of at least two years and at least 25 years of age, valid driving card,  ID cards or passport, which he submits on the day of signing rhe campervan rental agreement.


3.) Legal entities (self-employed persons and business entities) shall submit, in addition to the point 2 of these GTC, a copy from the Commercial Register (or self-employment register) not older than 3 months, copy of the VAT payer’s card (in the case of VAT payers), in the case of non-statutory or managing directors, a notarized power of attorney.


4.) The van is handed over to the lessee at a mutually agreed time and place, usually at a place determined by the renter, together with the GTC and the lease agreement. The van is handed over in a fully qualified condition with valid technical and emission control during the rental period. All obvious damage and known defects are identified and recorded in the acceptance protocol and signed by both parties.


5.) The van is handed over to the lessee inspected, cleaned (interior, exterior, toilet, 10 kg filled propane-butane gas bottle, full water tank, empty waste water tank) and with the relevant valid documents for travel in European countries as well as replenished operating fluids, with a full tank of fuel / with a full tank, the car also lessee returns / highway vignette for Slovakia.


6.) The renter hand over the vehicle with an explanation and training of its operation, as well as safety instructions and legal regulations. It takes about 60 minutes to take over the vehicle and get familiar with its equipment and operation. Delivery of the vehicle and its inspection takes about 30 minutes. The lesee is obliged to take this time into account.


7.) The lessee undertakes to use the vehicle exclusively for its purpose. The vehicle will be returned on time and on the specified date in the lease agreement, but no later than 18:00 in undamaged condition (in which it was taken over in accordance with the acceptance protocol), including complete, undamaged, functional accessories and its parts, which the renter confirms to protocol. The lessee returns the vehicle cleaned, with an empty and cleaned toilet tank.


8.) Booking a vehicle for a given date – electronically on the renter website, by phone and e-mail is valid for 5 days. The advance payment for booking a van in the amount of 30% of the total price is payable within 5 days of the reservation and subsequently by crediting it to the renters’s account (specified in these GTC) becomes binding and serves as a blocking the rental period. The renter reserves the right to cancel the binding reservation in the event of a serious vehicle failure (accident, damage requiring immediate repair, etc.). In this case, the renter informs the lesee of this situation and returns all fees. The total amount of rent is paid to the renter’s account, together with the amount of 1000.- €, which is a refundable deposit used in case of breakdown or damage to the vehicle not covered by insurance conditions (which are part of the acceptance protocol) as well as to cover the cost when returning the van with following shortcomings:

  • heavy dirt, excessive interior pollution – 50 €
  • smoky interior of the vehicle, mainly cigarette smoke – 75€
  • uncleaned toilet, toilet tank not emptied and cleaned – 30€
  • non-refueled fuel tank – 10€ + fuel price
  • excessively dirty vehicle exterior – 30€
  • uncleaned fridge or freezer – 20€
  • irreperable / irremovable damage, loss of equipment or vehicle parts are paid in full price.

If the damage cannot be determined when returning the van, the renter is entitled to withhold the deposit, pay the damage from it and subsequently invoice the deposit to the lessee. The lessee undertakes to pay to renter for all damages and related costs caused during the rental period, which are not covered by the insurance company, even if the amount of damage exceeds the specified deposit. The total amount of rent and the deposit must be credited to the lessor’s account no later than on the day of taking over the vehicle or in cash upon taking over the vehicle.


9.) In the event that the lessee cancels the binding reservation of the vehicle later than 15 days before first day of rent, the rentor is entitled to charge the lessee a cancellation fee of 150€.  The cancellation fee represents the lessor’s right to compensation for lost profits that will arise as a result of a binding reservation of the vehicle. The parties agree that the renter is entitled to satisfy its right to a cancellation fee from the advance payment; renter is obliged to return the remaining amount to the lessee’s bank account within 7 days. (Valid from 1st of June to 30th of September)


10.) In the case of an objective reason (illness, accident, etc.) preventing the beginning of rent, the renter reserves the right to consider the relevance of the objective reason and its evidence and in case of speculation reject it. The objective reasone must be proven. In case of an objective reason, we offer to lessee:

  • choose another free rental period
  • refund half of the advance payment.

This point (No.10) does not apply to the early termination of the rent – return of the vehicle before the expiry of the agreed rental period.


11.) If the return deadline is not met (for reasons other than a technical failure on the vehicle preventing the safe transfer of the vehicle to the place of return), the lessee will be charged 150€ for each day of delay in returning the vehicle. In case of early return of the van, the lessee is not entitled to a refund.


12.) The Lessee pays all other costs associated with the operation of the motor vehicle after its take over.

13.) The Lessee declares that the vehicle will not be used for earnings activity, transport of property or persons (who do not form part of the crew), towing a vehicle or other trailer outside the written consent of the renter (SMS message is also considered as written consent). The lessee also declares that the vehicle will not be driven by another person who has not submitted the documents required under this GTC, as well as to a third party. It is forbidden to make any modifications to the vehicle – wrapping, screwing, drilling, etc. The lessee is responsible for ensuring that extremely heavy, flammable, dusty, smelly or polluting items are not carried in the vehicle. Any repairs that need to be made at the time of renting the vehicle must be consulted with the renter. The lessee pays for repairs caused by normal operataion (eg burned out light bulb), the lessee will keep the proof of purchase, which will be paid to him when the van is returned. The lessee pays for repairs caused by his fault (e.g. a puncture, punctured tire).

14.) The Lessee undertakes to use the vehicle exclusively for the purpose intended for vehicle. The lessee also agrees that the vehicle will not be driven by him or any other driver who may be intoxicated by alcohol, drugs or other narcotics or addictive substances. At the time of renting the vehicle, the lessee is responsible for compliance with all traffic and legal regulations, for the violation of which he bears full legal responsibility, for the entire duration of the rent. In the event that the renter receives a fine for violating traffic regulations for this specific rental period, this fine will be invoiced to the lessee. The lessee undertakes to pay this fine in full price.



15.) In the case of a violation of these GTC, points 7, 13, 14, the renter is entitled to take the van without lessee consent at his expense. In this case, the lessee undertakes to pay those expenses on the basis of a tax document within 14 days of receiving the call.

16.) In the event of van damage, traffic accident or other extraordinary event, the lessee have to immediately take the following steps:

  • call the police
  • document the incident, in the event of a traffic accident, write an accident report together with the addresses and names of witnesses,
  • create photo documentation
  • not recognize the claims of any third party
  • contact the renter by phone

17.) In the event of theft of the vehicle, the lessee is immediately obliged to contact the police, the renter, write a report, of which one copy, together with the keys and documents taken from the motorhome will be handed over to the renter. In the event that any of these points is not met, the lessee undertakes to bear the damage and pay it in full to the renter.


18.) In case of failure or malfunction of the main parts of the van, the lessee immediately contacts the renter, and will follow his instructions. The renter will take all necessary steps to eliminate these defects.


19.) In the event of a vehicle failure not caused by the lessee, of a nature that prevents its safe mobility, the renter undertakes to provide a replacement vehicle within 24 hours. In the event that the renter does not have such a vehicle at this time, he will ensure the transport of all passengers to the place of collection of the motorhome within 24 hours. In this case, the corresponding amount for the unused rental days will be refunded to the lessee.


20.) The lessee undertakes to carefully handle, manage and protect the van during the rental period. Carry out regular checks on the condition of the operating fluids and, if necessary, perform basic maintenance, which also includes checking the engine oil and the prescribed tire pressure. The vehicle’s insurance does not cover tires, damage to the underside of the vehicle, equipment and facilities as well as the lessee’s personal belongings. The co-participation of the lessee is 5%, minimum 150 € (covered by the deposit). Smoking is not allowed in the whole motorhome.


21.) In the case that the renter is unable to provide van properly and in time, not by his own fault, the renter undertakes to return the full amount of rent with other fees paid to the lessee no later than 5 working days after finding such facts.


22.) Vehicle equipment included in the price:

  • table + 4x chair
  • levellers – 2 pcs for leveling the vehicle
  • outdoor carpet under the awning
  • set of kitchen utensils – plates, cutlery, glasses for 4 people
  • extension cable for 230 V – 20 meters, + 2x adapter
  • clean water refill hose.

23.) By signing these GTC, the lessee and the renter confirm that they have read and understood the terms and conditions contained in these GTC. As proof of their free and serious will to accept the obligations arising for them from these GTC, they attach their signatures and at the same time they declare that these GTC have not been signed under unfavorable conditions or in distress.

GTC will be signed in 2 copies 1x for the lessee 1x for the renter.