Hobby Vany

Frequently asked questions


The minimum rental period in summer season (from 1st of June to 30th of September) is 7 days.

For the rest of the year, it’s 3 days.
  • Slovakia – this package is for customers whose journey will only lead through our beautiful country and therefore we offer a discounted price and unlimited mileage.
  • Europe – this package is for customers planning a trip abroad; when choosing this package, we apply the standard price and the limit of an average of 300 kilometers per day. If the limit is exceeded, we charge 0.1 € per km.

Yes, when you travel abroad ( “Europe” package), there is a limit of an average of 300 kilometers per day. If the limit is exceeded, we charge 0.1 € per km. We do not apply limit to travelling package “Slovakia”.



During a 10-day abroad trip, you will make 2,800 kilometers, and thus an average of 280 kilometers per day; you fit into the limit and therefore no extra payment is needed.


However, if during a 10-day abroad trip you will make 3500 kilometers, which corresponds to an average of 350 kilometers per day, we will request extra fee for  500 kilometers => 500 x 0.1 = 50 €, because of higher mechanical utilization fo the van.

Anyone with a group B driving license, but the driver have to be 25 years old with a 2 years of driving experience.

Provide us details about your pet and we will definitely make a deal! 

However, you have to bear in mind that Hobbyvans should be adequately cleaned at handover, otherwise we can charge you for a pollution up to 50 €.

Reservation / Cancellation

You can book Hobbyvan through the particular vehicle reservation form, or send us an email at info@hobbyvany.sk.

After sending the form, we will contact you and provide more information about the total rental price, based on which the advance payment is calculated. The advance payment is 30% of the total rental price and is due within 5 days of making the temporary reservation. Upon receipt of payment, the temporary reservation becomes definite/binding.

The remaining rental amount + deposit (1000 €) must be credited to our account no later than on the day of taking over the van, or in cash at the time of van pick-up.

We charge 1000€ for deposit. Deposit is used to cover costs in case of:

  1. Fault or vehicle damage not covered by insurence
  2. If we find the following shortcomings when returning the van:
      •  heavy dirt, excessive interior pollution  – 50 €
      • smoky interior of the vehicle, mainly cigarette smoke – 75€
      • uncleaned toilet, toilet tank not emptied and cleaned – 30€
      • non-refueled fuel tank – 10€ + fuel price
      • excessively dirty vehicle exterior – 30€
      • uncleaned fridge or freezer – 20€
      • irreperable / irremovable damage, loss of equipment or vehicle parts are paid in full price.

If none of the above is proven, we will be happy to return the deposit in full price, when the van is returned.

For any changes regarding your booking please call us at +421 911 234 173 or send us an email at info@hobbyvany.sk.

We will inform you whether requested changes are possible with consideration of other bookings / reservation calendar.

In case you want to cancel a binding reservation later than 15 days before the agreed first day of the rent, we are entitled to charge a cancellation fee of 150 €. The cancellation fee represents our right to compensation for lost profit. (Valid from 1st of June to 30th of September).

In case of an objective reason (illness, injury, etc.) preventing the start of the rent at the reserved time, we will be happy to provide you an alternate period.

Pick-up / Return

The pick-up and return of the Hobbyvans takes place at a pre-arranged time in Hliník nad Hronom. It takes about an hour to become familiar with the van operation, equipment and whole pick up process. Return and vehicle condition check takes approximately 30 minutes.

You can leave your car parked with us during the entire rental period.

  • necessary documents because of rental agreement: driver license,  ID or passport of all drivers during the rental
  • cash if you have not paid in advance to the account (remaining rent price, deposit)
  • luggage
  • be happy and bring good vibrations to unforgetteble adventure

You have to pay for the necessary fuel for your trip. The vehicle will be handed over to you with a full tank and we expect to return it with a full tank as well. Otherwise we charge an extra fee of 10€ + the fuel costs.

Winter Camping

Sure! All of our vans are well-insulated and equipped with diesel or gas high-performance heaters. Many customers said that inside the van was too warm, despite the fact that heating is at the lowest power. There are several points which need to keep in mind when camping in winter, but we will be happy to explain them to you.


We also offer ski boxes for the lovers of winter sports, which are mounted on the rear door.

Van malfunction / accident / traffic regulation violation

All of our vans have got valid car insurance and assistance services accross the Europe. In case of a van technical fault or accident you should immediately call us and we will provide you instructions to follow. Participation fee is 5%, but at least 150 €.

In case of a traffic regulations violation fine (parking, speed, unpaid toll or highway vignette, etc.) we, as a vehicle owners, get a warning about this violation. Based on date and location of violation we will determine a customer and then forward the fine/payment to the corresponding customer.